Hello Kiwanians and friends,

In view of the weather forecasted for tomorrow, our regularly scheduled meeting has been cancelled.

February Birthdays;

4th - Gail Sanderson Faulder

7th - Billy Mann

21st - Brian Miller

27th - Jenny McHugh

February Anniversaries;

12th - Gary and Rachel Resnick

January 19th Meeting Recap;

We had quite a crowd of members at Manhattans and the service was superb. Everyone got their food in quick order and the bills arrived shortly after.

All is good! Alex McLean started our meeting off with a beautiful invocation.

Michael told yet another dad joke - “Why does a chicken coup only have two doors? Because if it had four doors, it would be called a chicken sedan!”

Brags and fines;

John updated us on another wrestling win for Conrad. Way to go Conrad!

The big news: Gail and Noah Faulder are expecting a baby girl in May. Congratulations to them both!

George and Don are both happy to be on the other side of Covid.


Next Wednesday is our board meeting. Liz Hoerner was bringing a couple of Youth Leadership students to our meeting tomorrow. We hope to reschedule their visit.

Be safe out there. Keep that core tight when shoveling! Better yet, if some industrious kids come by and offer to shovel for you, take them up on that offer.

Kiwanis Club of Toledo
4560 Heatherdowns Blvd.
Toledo OH 43614